SKYX is a CES 2023 Innovation Award Winner.  Watch and learn how we are revolutionizing home safety and smarts. 

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How it used to be done - Unsafe, Inconvenient, and Costly

The future of safety is today.  SkyPlug Smart.  Safe, Convenient, and Money savings

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What our Customers Say...

  • The SkyPlug is revolutionizing the lighting industry and how our customers manage home and seasonal lighting. It's amazing

    Joseph R - Boulevard Lighting Supply
  • I bought one SkyPlug Smart Carina (Bronze). Then 2 more. Then 3 more. ...

    Natalie F - Home Maker
  • The SkyPlug reduced our cost to get to CO by thousands of dollars. The SkyPlug smart makes our clients happy!

    Michael F - GC/Construction
  • I develop commercial office spaces and we started using SkyPlug last year to swap out lighting (and other). Wow. Everyone is shocked when they see this obvious yet genius idea!

    Pete P - Emrack in Tx